Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My ear is itchy again!

For the last 1 week, Ai Ai has been complaining that her ears are itchy, due to the build-up of wax.
So last Thursday, we brought her to "a very nice doctor", Dr. Oh Meng Choo, a PD who has just opened her own clinic a few blocks away.
Dr. Oh is really nice to kids... gave Soph a hug and a kiss and of course a little blue koala bear to gain her favour.
The clinic, though small, has a playroom upstairs.
Ai Ai was given a turpentine-based ear drop (Cerumol) to put into her ears for about 4 days before she was supposed to go back for ear-syringing today, a procedure using water to flush out the softened ear wax.

She was definitely looking forward to seeing Dr. Oh again for more presents :)

We got her ready by putting a towel over her shoulders and chest, then Dr. Oh explained to her what she was going to do, and told her not to be afraid.
Ai Ai was a really brave girl throughout the whole procedure - no struggling and no crying at all.
And we showed her all the "gar gar" that came out of her ears - I explained those are ear wax that caused her itchiness.
For her good behaviour, she got a yummy sweet from Dr. Oh.
Dr. Oh also explained that a lot of young PDs no longer do this procedure as they simply do not know how to do it properly - what these PDs do is refer us to an ENT specialist who will charge us an arm and a leg to get the ear wax out.
And guess what? The good Dr. Oh did not even charge us any consultation for this session today - just the $40 for the ear syringing procedure and the cost of Polaramine for Ai Ai's runny nose! :)

During lunch, Ai Ai told me her ear was itchy again, which I thought was quite impossible as I did not even notice her trying to scratch it.
So I asked her if she wanted to see Dr. Oh again, and she cheekily said yes.
I guess she just wanted another bear and sweet :P

Ai Ai getting ready for her procedure


viv said...

I didn't know that you can go PD for this! So much safer than doing it yourself.

Is the clinic near St 13 NTUC?

YM said...

Yes, it's very much safer... but Soph's previous PD didn't suggest doing it, but just gave Tropex ear drops which work very slowly (in Soph's case, didn't work at all).
As a result of her BIG ear wax, her temperature-taking is always not so accurate.

Yep, Dr. Oh is near the double-storey NTUC... at Blk 116 Street 12, opposite the Scouts Association next to the 7/11 and some "dry market" shop.

happysunny said...

didn't know that there is such procedure by PD..

The last time B1 had similar problem, the doctor suggest dripping a bit of olive oil to soften the ear wax.


YM said...

We tried the olive oil method too, but it didn't work cos the wax was probably too stubborn and could not come out by itself.

An auntie at the Wan Chai Cafe I frequent told me that she's had ti done before, and it's not painful at all, that's why I let Soph do it.