Thursday, July 9, 2009

At my fattest ever :)

I went for my 28th week gynae checkup yesterday and guess what?
I put on 4kg in the last one month - thanks to the nightly supper R bought me!
From pre-pregnancy till now, I've put on a total of 12kg... I'm at my fattest ever!
With Ai Ai, I only put on 11kg for the whole pregnancy :O
The nurse was grumbling and chiding me for putting on so much weight... afraid that the weight would affect my blood pressure and sugar level.
When I saw my gynae and asked him sheepishly if the weight was a problem, he just looked through his records, smiled and shook his head.
Hmm... what kind of a response is that?
I take it that it's OK then, since I started off this pregnancy pretty underweight at 45kg.
So I went home and baked some Mickey and Mini Mouse cookies with Ai Ai and Mum :)

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viv said...

Makes me feel like supper already.