Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"I like this big-girl school... Sophie did not cry"

That was what she told me at the end of the visit to her new school.
I've made the difficult decision to pull her out of her current school after this term.
I say "difficult" because I feel sorry that she has to leave her beloved Teacher May with whom she has such a fond attachment to.

R wanted to withdraw Ai Ai immediately and put her in the new school, but the new principal said it's better to have a break of 1 to 2 weeks at home before she starts her new school, since Ai Ai is so attached to Teacher May.
And the school holiday would be a perfect time as Ai Ai has experienced a term break before.
During this coming term break, I must keep telling her she'd be going to a new school and that she would have new teachers - Teacher Celine and Lao Shi.
Logistically, R would be dropping her off in the mornings before heading to work, and then she'd take the schoolbus home.

I hope I made the correct decision for her and she will forgive me if she thinks otherwise.


Van said...

Not to worry, children her age adapt very quickly to new environment and make new friends easily.

B1 attended two Montessori "schools", and one ad-hoc (once a week,full day) childcare before settling down at MMI.

Van said...

which new school did you enrol her for?

Is it possible for Sophie to sit in the class before she start attending classes there? That would help her to adapt.

YM said...

I enrolled her at Singapore Montessori (

I don't think they will allow her to sit in the class for one lesson without me, cos there would be no consistency/follow-through.
E.g. in her current school, she was not handheld by me even on the first day, this principal advised me that I should not sit in with her when she starts in Sep too... for progressive and consistency sake.

Anyway, the first 3 days of school will just be 1.5hrs then I will pick her up. So we should be able to gauge her reaction... should be ok, since the activities seem to be more engaging for her age group.

The Beauties In Our Lives said...

I am sure Sophie will be able to adapt well as she had already understood the concept that she is alone without Mummy in class in her current school. I think this is the best decision for Sophie :)

viv said...

It will work out just fine!