Thursday, July 16, 2009

A lack of focus/concentration or simply not engaged?

Teacher in her school said that Ai Ai has a lack of focus i.e. when other kids are playing with certain toys, she simply roams about the classroom not wanting to pick up any toys, or if she does pick up an item, she doesn't play with it for long.

This school she goes to is a Montessori school. Even though it's not a pure Montessori school, the teacher is at the very least Montessori-trained, so I trusted her comments and started worrying about this.

Mum told me not to worry as she believed that Ai Ai was simply not engaged in the activities and was tired of hanging out with 22-mth-old kids. The school could not put Ai Ai into the older Tods class as it was "full". I say "full" because they actually took in 2 newcomers to the Tods class this term rather than "promote" Ai Ai and another 29-mth-old boy to the Tods class. All in the name of revenue, I would guess.

School does not interest her anymore - she is no longer keen to wear her uniform in the mornings and tells me sadly that "K" (her previous classmate) has gone to a "big girl school". Actually K, who is 2 mths younger than Ai Ai, has been "promoted" to the Tods class because she enrolled in the school one term ahead of Ai Ai and therefore has priority.

I read up "The Absorbent Mind" by Maria Montessori, and she wrote that a child below 3 yrs old does not suffer from the defect of lack of concentration. If there was this defect, it would disappear the moment the child finds an activity that engages her.

And here is Ai Ai today doing some simple pouring activity for a full 50mins!
I gave her some rice, her tea set, a funnel, measuring jug, bowls, spoons and a tray and she happily poured the rice from one container to another for close to an hour.
And I wasn't "playing" with her at all... I was just lying in bed half dozing off and observing her.

Now R doubts the teacher's credibility and wants to pull Ai Ai out of the school immediately rather than have her interest in school killed. We'd be checking out another school, Agape Montessori at Thomson Hills, next week. Afterall, Ai Ai needs to go to a school while waiting for a placement in Chiltern. Coincidentally, her current school called today and said they can promote Ai Ai to the Tods class after I called last week to enquire how to go about withdrawing her from school.


viv said...

Yes maybe the activities in school don't interest her anymore. Hmm... good to have a change of environment in that case.

Anonymous said...

Yup, her current school seems to put money above everything else.


YM said...

Yep, I think she needs a change of environment.
Plus, I asked the teacher if we would face the same situation when it's time for her to move from Tods class to Kids class (for 3-yr-olds), the teacher could not answer me, but just said there "may be" a vacancy for her in Kids class next June, but cannot be guaranteed. Imagine getting stuck in Tods class again next year when she should be going to Kids class by Jan next year! :O

My hubby shares the same sentiment as you, that's why he's really upset and just wants to pull her out and forgo the one-month deposit!