Thursday, October 30, 2008

Homemade Training Pants

Ai Ai has been asking to use the potty to "poop" (she uses "poop" to indicate both peeing and pooping).

Since we currently use Bumwear and have lots of the soaker inserts, I decided to make Ai Ai a pair of training pants to see if it can be done.
Plus she hates being laid flat down on her back to have her diapers/Bumwear worn for her now.
This kind of pull-up pants will also train her to pull up and down her own pants by herself.
Unlike Bumwear training pants which have a fleece inner lining that doesn't absorb any wetness (i.e. only the soaker inserts are really wet), training pants made of normal jersey material lets the toddler feel the wetness so that he will feel the discomfort and hopefully ask to pee in the potty each time.

This prototype fits ok for now, but she'll probably outgrow it soon.
I should be making a few more largerpairs once I get hold of more knit jersey fabric from Spotlight!


viv said...

YM, you seem to be able to sew anything! i'm v impressed ; )

YM said...

Viv... as in, Dylan's mommy?
You should start blogging so I can see your little darlings.
It's a great way to keep in touch!

viv said...

yes dylan's mum haha. i do hv one.

The Beauties In Our Lives said...

IMPRESSED! That pair of pants look sweet with the polka dots! Good luck to your toilet training! Annette is still a long way from being trained cos she doesn't like the potty nor toilet bowl...sigh!