Friday, June 4, 2010


So I have not been updating for a long time...
Been busy with the most recent move, and we've finally settled down!

Ai Ai has just started her ballet lesson.

After her first lesson, she told me all ballerinas have big tummies.
Me: All your friends have tummies?
Ai Ai: Yes.
Me: What about your teacher?
Ai Ai, thinking a while: Yes (cheekily!)


Mummy Jas said...

YM, where is Sop's ballet class? I would like to look for one for Xi too but not sure whether our area has any good ones! If Xi starts her class, she will be one of the little ballerinas with tummy. ;p

YM said...

Haha, so nice to have a ballerina tummy!

Soph's class is at United Square - The Ballet and Music Company on 4th floor. It's really so so only. We go there because Soph is very attached to that place, having done 9mths of music class at Mandeville on 3rd floor.

There's one near our place, called Attitude Dance Studio/Cafe at Bukit Timah Plaza. They also take the same RAD exams (UK standards) when they reach Pre-Primary level (ard 5 yo). Wanted to enrol Soph there but she didn't want to go there cos Bukit Timah Plaza is "boring" :P
They have a weekend class starting in July for our girl's age!