Monday, August 31, 2009

Last Day at BrightStart

Today is her last day of school at BrightStart, and it's also Teacher's Day celebration.
Since the teachers had so much praise for the Cranberry Shortcake during the National Day Celebration, we decided to bake them again.

R spent Sunday afternoon painting these lovely pictures with Ai Ai and I made them into these little pretty paper bags to keep the shortcakes. I must say they look really pretty, and the teachers were really pleased with these "designer bags" :)

It's sad that I have to pull Ai Ai out of BrightStart as she is really attached to Teacher May, but I guess we have no choice.
There's also some changes in our lives after last week - we'll be moving out of our estate in Dec.
Instead of starting her at Singapore Montessori in Sep just for 3 mths, I asked the management of BrightStart if they could accomodate Ai Ai in their Tods class till Dec.
When they found out the reason and it is obvious that they only have 3 mths of revenue from me, they didn't waste their time in telling me "No" in my face.
Teachers at BrightStart are really good and patient, but what can I say about this new management except that they do not give a toot about the kids' education?

R named the one on the left "Fishes in the Sea" and
the one on the right "10 Suns at Bxxxxx Lxxx" (our estate name)

Ai Ai insisting on carrying her gifts by herself

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The Beauties In Our Lives said...

I like the painted bags - very creative!