Monday, August 10, 2009

Everything Homemade!

R decided to make a car with Ai Ai out of cardboard today...
I must say I am pretty impressed with it, although I really shouldn't be surprised at his creativity as Mum did lots of homemade toys with him when he was young :)

Ai Ai painting her Mustang

R helping the Mustang babe

For lunch, I thought we could do a homemade pizza.
R didn't think this mama could roll out the dough well enough, so he took over the job.

Our homemade pizza - it's yummy, especially the half with pesto sauce!


viv said...

Wow You even made your own dough. Impressive

The Beauties In Our Lives said...

Hey I love the car! Will go your house one day and Annette drive it, hee :)

YM said...

Dough was made by my breadmaker :P
R was just "pretending" to be the expert.

Yes, must come over one of these days... we can bake some cuppies too. I'm sure Annette will enjoy baking more!