Friday, February 3, 2012

Sweet Success!

Look at the base! Nice and smooth. Although they're a little brown.
I was bracing myself for another sticky-bottomed macaron session today, but they turned out pretty well this time.

Any changes to recipe and method?
Recipe is the same one from Not So Humble Pie

My own notes:
- I used egg whites aged for 48 hours in the fridge.
- Instead of putting in the ground almond + powdered sugar in batches, I dumped the whole lot in and mixed vigorously for the first 10 strokes, then slower and more gentle after that. This I learnt from Tartelette.
- I put the piped macarons in an airconditioned room for a minimum of 30 minutes before I baked them.
- I preheated my oven for a full 20 minutes.
- Baked them on lowest rack (single tray) at 145 degrees C for 15 minutes.
- Did not open the oven door during baking.
- I still had a few that erupted like volcanoes. These were the ones on the front row near the oven door. I suspect the oven fan was probably blowing in that direction and the heat just broke the skin.
- Once out of the oven, I lifted the parchment paper and splashed a few drops of water on the tray. Left the macarons to cool totally on the tray then I peeled them off.

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