Sunday, February 19, 2012

Macaron Class

R as really sweet to give me some time off to attend a macaron class today.
I really enjoyed the class and would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to learn how to make these little finicky stuff.

Left: Spiced macarons with citrus cream cheese filling
Right: Chocolate macarons with salted egg yolk filling

What a stiff peak looks like for French Meringue Method
Should have put some coloured backing behind... but the picture is good enough for me

See the salted egg yolks? R says eeeeeeeeeeeeeks!
But only after he has eaten it without knowing what it is.
It got pretty good reviews from Vikki and her husband though.

Class was held at Kitchen Capers' Baking Studio.

We learnt two types of method - the French Meringue Method and the Italian Meringue Method.
I have been using the French Meringue Method because I really cannot imagine how to handle a boiling pot of sugar syrup while holding my handmixer with the other hand.
Hmm... the other reason is that I am quite lazy... less stuff to wash up with the French Method!

It was quite interesting to see how the Italian Method is done, and I think I might just try it one of these days.

The instructor, Amy Lee, is really helpful in giving little tips on what to do and what not to do... and even information such as the different types of almonds and icing sugar.

She also baked us a cake for teabreak - a lovely light lapis surabaya. The centre layer of chocolate was just heavenly! This, coming from someone who is not really into chocolate. I actually took two servings of it. Would really like to attend this class, but I think it's just too cruel to have R look after the kids all by himself for 2 consecutive Sundays. Maybe next time!

And oh, the class was odd-numbered. Everyone came with a friend except me, so I had the privilege of partnering the instructor... that explains why my macarons look so good? Best of all, I get to bring all the macarons back for the macaron-bandits! :)

She even gave me the leftover aged eggwhites, which means I can start experimenting with macarons immediately without having to wait for my egg whites to age... yoooohoooooo! I am already thinking of green tea macarons with adzuki bean filling... and maybe even a carrot macaron!

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