Monday, October 24, 2011

Made: Ang Ku Kuih

S has been asking for ang ku kuehs, but our favourite stall in Alexandra is never opened on Sundays.
And when we finished our lessons on Saturdays, they're always sold out.
So I attempted to make our own ang ku kuehs.
Even though I never liked ang ku kuehs (I will ONLY eat the ones from Alexandra), I thought this one is pretty good when freshly made.
S also helped to make her own "red tortoises".
You can guess from the picture which one is hers :)
Recipe from Florence of Do What I Like.
Before steaming, I though we were going to get pink ang ku kuehs!

I even told S I must have gotten the wrong food colouring.

Thank God the kuehs came out red!
That's S enjoying the fruit of her labour!

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