Thursday, September 3, 2009


We did our Bloom shots with The Studio Loft last Saturday, and here are some of the pics :)
The photographer, Maryann, was simply great and very patient with Ai Ai, so we really enjoyed the session.

Ai Ai wasn't prompted to raise her blouse for this picture above, but she did it herself when she saw that I was asked to do it, saying "I have baby in my tummy too"


The Beauties In Our Lives said...

I LOVEEE the first and third photos! Super nice!!!! Am sure BB #2 will be happy to see he/she is included in these shots :)

Van said...

The last one is very cute!

YM said...

Lin, Van,
Yeah, the photographer Maryann is fantastic! Too bad this blur mommy forgot to bring baby #2's booties to take some pics, cos at that time, I haven't even bought a new set of clothes for baby yet!
I also took some nude shots, and Ai Ai was doing the same thing... posing like me and saying "I can do ti too" :)

Lil Smurfy said...

:-) the maternitey shoots r great!. Lil Sop is such an angel.. she will be loving to her sibling (boy.girl? me forgetten)

YM said...

I actually do not know if baby #2 is a boy or girl - we chose not to know till baby is out! :)