Monday, September 14, 2009

Birthday Celebration

We had my birthday celebration with Mum, Dad, Ian and Jamie at my favourite Korean restaurant, Hangsang at Square2.
Unfortunately, it wasn't a very nice experience thanks to the manager.
I asked for Ai Ai's favourite seaweed soup instead of a bean paste stew for one of the sets we ordered, and he told me he cannot substitute that, but then 1 minute later, a waitress brought the soup out to us. Plus they gave us our bean paste stew too!
If the lady boss was there, she would gladly have given us that bowl of soup for free... afterall, how much can a bowl of soup cost?

We asked for our BBQ beef to be pre-BBQed in the kitchen as we didn't want to bother with the hassle of sitting at the BBQ tables which were pretty cramped.
And guess what? Our BBQ beef came out first, without the side dishes, rice, dip, lettuce and condiments.
We had to ask them to give us the rest of the food so the beef will not go cold.

Quite a disappointment considering we are regular customers of Hangsang :(
Each time I visit the restaurant now, I wish this new manager would not serve us - he's either coughing away or busy clearing our food and cutlery when we have not finished... makes our dining experience really lousy!

R looking all serious - is he saying his grace before eating? :P

Ai Ai looking at her favourite food - fishballs!

Ai Ai all excited about cutting my cake :)

Ai Ai happily tucking into her cake

Mischievous Ai Ai forcing R to eat a very sour cherry!
Thanks, Ian, for taking these great pictures!


viv said...

Is the food there good? I must try.... I like bbq meats!!

YM said...

Oh yes, the food there is pretty good. The lady boss called Mijin (Meizhen in Chinese), is really nice. She used to help us babysit Sophie when business was new and not so brisk yet. Now her waitresses help us do that if they're not too busy just so Roy and I can have a few minutes to proper eating time.
We've been going to them since Soph was 5 mths old :)

Their BBQ sets are good, although I think it's nicer to BBQ it ourselves. I also love BBQ meats, esp wrapped with garlic, lettuce and dipped in their sauce :)
Ginseng soup and side dishes are quite good too.
And yesterday we just tried their kimchi hotpot for the first time - it's spicily good!