Thursday, March 8, 2012

Murder She Commited

This was what I did to my oven.
The day before, I was trying to tidy up the kitchen so my part-time helper will have an easier time.
As I was putting the tupperware into my oven, an image of the melting tupperware flashed across my mind.
I told myself "Don't be silly. Of course I will check the oven before I turn it on."
The next day, as I was getting ready to bake my cheese bread, I checked the oven and saw that all was clear.
BUT I didn't notice a tupperware cover that slid under the rack and was resting on the bottom heating element.
As I was preparing the batter, I smelled some horrible chemical smell and this was what happened.
I was pretty shaken by the whole accident... even more after R showed me that night, this video on why we should not pour water on kitchen oil fire.
Afterall, petrochemicals in the plastic could be considered as "oil"?

An acquaintance told me to use flour.
A Google on the effect of flour showed is just as scary.

I guess the best would be a wet cloth.

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