Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday at West Coast Park

D cooking up a storm

S going faster and longer distance


cheknchel said...

I have stories of the kiddos and you. how fast they have grown!
we need to meet cos the kiddos' xmas pressies are with me still!

cheknchel said...

sister!!! did u shave d botak?
wei she mer? he looks perfectly fine with that einstein hair look, i Feel!

YM said...

Yep, shaved him cos R hoped he'll have more hair than daddy by doing that :)
SMS you to meet up one of these days!

cheknchel said...

sister! u think it helps meh? =p
jiaze asked me to do for G as well but I bu she de. By the way, is S at the creative O centre? and are u "hiding" away from me cos u r erm...? I just got this feeling :)

YM said...

Yes yes,S is at C-O. I wanted to ask you out for morning coffee at Strategy but afraid your dear A in office may give you a hard time :P

Let me know if you can do coffee next week. I'll be lugging D along though... you can see his hair for yourself:)

cheknchel said...

Hahahaha pls lor!
I do not report to her! :p

what time is coffee for you in the morning? :) a bit challenging for me cos work starts at 8:45am.
You let me know and we work something out.

If you are fine with early lunch - that I should be ok :)