Tuesday, March 23, 2010


One day, Ai Ai told me she has a baby in her tummy.
I asked her what the baby's name is and she replied, "Paranigal."
(Hope I spelt it correctly!)

She said Paranigal is Mommy's baby.
Paranigal will jump out of Ai Ai's tummy when Ai Ai is 4 years old and then Mommy will carry Paranigal.
I asked her, "Then who is Sophie's baby?"
She replied, "David."

This is how she thinks Paranigal looks like:


cheknchel said...

Love Sophie's vast imagination! She's hilarious!

It's amazing to really find out what's going on in the little gal's world. She may even have her own wonderland out there with more cutesy friends ;)

The Beauties In Our Lives said...

I love that figurine! And the complicated name that Sophie came up with!! Looks like she has Roy's mechanical engineering genes indeed ;)

YM said...

Yep, don't we all have our imagineary friends when we were little!

Haha, Roy is hoping Soph will not do engineering at all! Study so hard and don't earn much :P