Monday, February 1, 2010

Crawling/Kicking Backwards

Yesterday I heard D cry a desperate cry - something which I have never heard before.
I rushed into the room and found him in this position.
He had woken from his nap, kicked the bolster and ended with his lower body off the bed.
He must have felt the danger of emptiness and cried for help.

And no, I did not stop to take a picture with him in such a dangerous state.
Of course I scooped him up immediately.
This is just a reenactment with my hands beneath him but out of view from the camera in case he falls.

The reenactment :)

My happily naked baby


viv said...

Oh i love the naked photo. I can't tell whether he looks like you or Roy!!

YM said...

A bit of both, I guess :)