Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The reason is scary!

Sometimes Ai Ai uses words that I suspect she doesn't understand, but she speaks with such conviction that you would think she knew what she was talking about.

Me: Sophie, Mommy is sad.
Ai Ai: Why is Mommy sad?
Me: Mommy is sad, because for some reason, David is rejecting Mommy's milk.
Ai Ai: The reason is scary!
Then turning to her daddy, she asked "Did you see the reason, Daddy?"

Ahem, I think Daddy did not see the reason, but Mommy found out and it was really scary!
It's because I took some spicy food and caused some discomfort in D as he was not used to the taste... so the reason is indeed scary, as this means I cannot take spicy food for the next few months, at least!

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