Sunday, October 4, 2009

Presenting our Mighty Smart Baby

Dear David,

You've been a really good and smart baby.

Earlier during the pregnancy, I've asked you to stay in Mommy's womb safely till full-term so you can put on some weight, since the doctors at NUH mentioned you are a wee bit small-sized, something which Dr. Lim didn't place too much emphasis on, as he believed it's just constitutional.

You've listened to Mommy well and been staying in there till past your EDD of 2 Oct.

And since Mommy decided to try for a natural VBAC (Vaginal Birth After C-section) with you, I've been asking you to come out during the weekend when Daddy is around, so mommy doesn't have to rush and put jie jie with some neighbour before rushing to the hospital.

You've listened well again and decided to come out today, on a Sunday morning.

As you were still not engaged even when I checked into the hospital, I asked you to start moving down Mommy's birth canal so that labour may be smooth and fast.

Again, you've listened well. After reading the papers and chatting with Daddy for about 3 hours, 2nd stage dilation was really quick for about an hour before you popped out at 1:26pm.

Maybe that's why Auntie Cindy calls you a "Mighty Smart Baby" :)


The Beauties In Our Lives said...

CONGRATS, MY FREN!!! I am sure you will enjoy this wonderful journey of motherhood with 2 kids :) David is really such a good boy!! Keep it up, David boy!

cheknchel said...

He is like a spilting image of you! He sure is mama's darling boy! Tai jiao really works! congrats to you and R, sis!

viv said...

Lovely! One boy and one girl is my DREAM :-)

Welcome to this world David.

Van said...


I think David looks like Sophie!

He is such a good boy! Your account of how he's listened to your "tai jiao" reminds me of B2.

She waited till daddy's back from his business trip, and when Jie Jie didn't need to attend schools for 3 that I can leave Jie Jie at relative's place without much worries... :D

Anonymous said...

So cute! Congrats to you!!


YM said...

Yes, I am definitely enjoying this journey :)

Thanks. Remember to do your tai jiao too!

You can still fulfil your dream by having 2 boys and 1 girl ;)

B2 is such a good baby too! Yes, I think baby really understands everything... they're smarter than us, just that adults are wiser cos of our age :)

And you're right - I took out Soph's baby pics... they look almost similar!

Thanks thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Another "Babies do listen" story to share... :)

My friend's friend baby also due in Aug 2008,same month as B2,and it's lunar calendar's 7th month.

The MIL said, any day is okay lah, so long as it's not the 15th of 7th month.

And the baby did come out on 15th of 7th month!